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7 Easy and Simple Outdoor Activities for Your Infant

Infants love to be outdoors, and the benefits that they can reap from nature are plenty. One of the most important benefits of getting infants outdoor are the great learning experiences that are offered. Incorporate exciting outings into your daily activities and make sure that your infant is prepared by making sure that he is well-equipped. Hats and infant sunglasses are as important as a highly protective baby sunscreen lotion.  1. Take to the water Get your infant used to swimming and playing in the water from as early as the weather permits. If you don’t have a pool or sea nearby, let them splash their hands and feet in bowls of water or a plastic garden pool. No need...

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Tips on How to Keep Your Baby Fashionably Styled

Some of the most popular influencers on Instagram are kids showcasing fashion trends that even surpass those of their adult counterparts. These tots, whether on their own, with their siblings or twin, have followers ranging from a few thousand to over three million and they melt your heart as they ooze cuteness, creativity, and style. They concentrate not only on choosing their clothing but put the whole look together with accessories, including baby sunglasses which play a huge role in how they each present us with their own identity.  Style does not need to cost a lot, and there are many retailers that sell the cutest children’s clothes and accessories at very good prices. Scour the internet for ideas and...

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How to Help Your Baby Get Used to Sunglasses?

It is important that children wear sunglasses at a young age. As a matter of fact, the younger the better and that is why COCOSAND has ranges of quality sunglasses that start from 0-12 months. Now if you are a parent of a baby or toddler, you probably feel the need to ask how you will prevent your baby from ripping them off their heads all the time.  Firstly, let’s find out everything that you need to know about kids’ sunglasses.  How important is it for babies and toddlers to wear sunglasses? It is very important, according to leading ophthalmologists, because it is believed that by the age of eighteen our eyes are already exposed to half the exposure we will...

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Does Your Baby Need to Wear Sunglasses?

You probably wear sunglasses when you go out during the day. If you have older children, the chances are that you have also bought them sunglasses and insist that they wear them whenever they go outdoors. Even though everyone knows how difficult it is getting babies to keep those sunglasses on, the answer to the question of whether your baby needs sunglasses is, yes. Sunglasses are important for your baby because they will help to protect his future vision.  Even within their mother’s wombs, fetuses turn away from a source of lights and newborns often close their eyes when they are in a well-lit room, even when they are not asleep. Babies are sensitive to light until they are about...

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How to Measure the Head Circumference?

How to Measure the Head Circumference? Start from the upper edge of the forehead and finish at the highest point of the back of the head. Please select the size according to the actual head circumference. 

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