Would babies eyes be uncomfortable from the sunlight?

In hot summers, the blinding sunlight, as well as the high-level UV radiation, always tests the delicate skin of babies, especially their eyes. Therefore, many parents make their babies and kids wear sunglasses to protect their eyes.

The damage of the strong summer sunlight to eyes mainly comes from the UV radiation. Babies' cornea and crystalline lens are clearer than adults, therefore, easier to be hurt by the UV radiation. If no sun protection measures are taken, the upper skin of the cornea, as well as the macula lutea, will be in danger of getting burned.

Therefore, besides the sun protection for babies' skin, their eyes are of equal importance. In addition, babies should be told not to look directly at the sun as well as not to go out during the strongest moment of UV radiation from 12:00 at noon to 2:00 P.M.

Ophthalmologists suggest that babies should wear sunglasses after three months of their birth to protect against harmful rays of the sun. In Summer, sunglasses will also attract people with their characteristics of fashion, beauty as well as radiation protection; babies will be definitely not excluded from the rich colors!

Inferior sunglasses are mostly made with plastic lenses and unstable brackets, which not only cannot prevent sunlight but easily cause damages to eyes. In addition, wearing the inferior sunglasses for the long term, the visual functions of babies' eyes may be influenced by the lack of adaption to normal sunlight environment, or even those serious ones may become asthenopic.

COCOSAND Sunglass is a brand of the United States for the protection of babies' eyes from the damages from UV radiation for excessive exposure to sunlight. COCOSAND Sunglass is appropriate for infants, babies as well as kids. To better protect kids' eyes, the glasses are made with the design of 100% UV protection and polarizer to protect babies' eyes from sunlight. Besides the fashionable appearance, every pair of glasses are also equipped with a storage bag, a piece of wiping cloth as well as a recyclable environment-friendly case.

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